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  • Express inheritance, agreement between heirs
  • It is an agile process of 2 to 3 months.
  • It is inexpensive and only requires a lawyer

Express succession: Known by this name because when all the heirs are in agreement with the succession it is an agile process.

Notarial process: It is filed before a notary by application that can only be submitted through a lawyer.

Terms and conditions: Does not include civil registry corrections, does not include notary fees.

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We know how important are the assets that have been part of your family, that is why we accompany you so that your succession process guarantees your rights as heir or spouse.

How long does the succession process take if it is mutually agreed?

In Colombia, inheritance processes by notary have a special procedure that allows them to be carried out in an estimated period of 2 months, it is an agile process that requires that all heirs are in mutual agreement on the distribution of assets.

What is the cost of a notarized inheritance?

Important: We have one of the best prices in the market. If the assets left by the deceased exceed 15 legal minimum wages, the process necessarily requires the accompaniment of a lawyer and that is why in Brunal Abogados we have designed the Express Succession service that offers you an accompaniment at an excellent rate.

If you wish to receive a fee proposal and a pre-liquidation of the notary fees, please fill in the form below and send it to, a lawyer will contact you:

How are notary fees paid?

The approximate price for 2022 of a succession by notary, with liquidation of the conjugal partnership in case of being married or liquidation of the marital partnership in case of being permanent partners, will depend on the value of the assets and will have to be taken as minimum value of the assets that of the cadastral appraisal, this is the value that appears in the property tax receipt.


House $60.000.000

Car $20.000.000

Notary fees approximately $600.000.000

If the conjugal or marital partnership is liquidated: an additional value estimated at $200,000.

How long does the succession process take before a judge?

If one of the heirs does not agree with the succession or with the portion that corresponds to him or if an illegitimate heir appears, the process must be done by court.

The process is a process with first and second instance, that is to say that a judge dictates an initial sentence and in case that any of the parts interpose the appeal a second judge will decide definitively, the duration of the same one will depend on how fast or delayed it advances on the part of the court in the different procedural stages, estimating for each instance an approximate duration of 12 months.

How much do court fees cost?

We are attentive to help you in your succession process and to properly establish the fees of your process, download below the form where we ask you for information regarding the heirs, assets and particularities of the process:

Send us at the form and a lawyer will contact you to schedule a meeting in our offices.


Succession is a legal act by which the deceased’s estate is transferred to his heirs.

Proceedings before judge

Any of the heirs or an interested third party such as a creditor, spouse or permanent partner of the deceased may go before a judge and request the opening of the probate proceeding.

Notarial process

If all the heirs and interested parties are in agreement to carry out the succession, the process can be carried out before a notary, the process lasts approximately 2 months.

  • Copy of identity documents of heirs/interested partys
  • The civil registry of birth of the heirs/interested partys
  • If applicable, civil record of the deceased’s marriage
  • The civil registry of the deceased’s death


  • Public deed
  • Property tax up to date
  • ​Valuation clearance
  • Certificate of tradition and freedom
  • If you are subject to horizontal property, you must present the administration fee and the administration fee


  • Property card
  • Vehicle tax up to date
  • Credits, CDT
  • Bank certificate


  • A Chamber of Commerce certificate
  • The certificate of shareholding composition signed by an accountant


If the deceased was married, it is necessary to carry out the liquidation of the marital partnership together with the succession.

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